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AFC Hologram is expertly engaged in the development and manufacture of anti-counterfeit packaging product
series formed by 3D micro-nano relief structure for optical diffraction such as holograms and opal eyes(Fresnel lenses).

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AFC TCHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a high-tech private enterprise with limited liability founded in the June of 1999 by Dr. Frank C. Fan who is a famous specialist in Optical Holography;specially engaged in the business of hologram products for security purpose and packaging promotion involved in research,development,manufacture,and application.It was the crucial moment when the company was setting up , while the hologram industries in China were gradually going to be matured and the embossing hologram products were tending to the trend of wide-web style for printing and packaging promotion.In the past short fifteen years of developing progress,the company has carried through its innovation by firmly grasping the motif of "display holography";spent a lot to develop new theories and methods for holographic imaging process so as to keep on running business with its operation idea -"High technology is for brilliance, and high quality is for good price". The company has always pursued excellence in materials and technologies for respective applications, and prepared a lot of turn-key technologies to enrich available hologram security products and to initiate the overall industrialization for " Display Holography " .


Details are as follows:

1. The company has possessed multiple advanced technologies for hologram origination; it is the worldwide famous origination center for security holograms.

2. The company is able to integrate all unique features of its multiple origination techniques with flexibility to produce high quality "eye-catching" hologram security labels. Compared with other similar hologram products, the most advantage of such strong AFC style is the highest ratio of quality and price.

3. The company uses the self-developed facilities for UV curing recombination and embossing to replace the traditional heat embossing production. This innovation has not only eliminated the problem of inevitable thermo deformation brought by the traditional thermo embossing techniques but also realized the fine structure processing and massive production of the three dimensional micro-nano relief patterns within a big dynamic range,therefore perfectly solved the registration problem between hologram features and the patterns by color printers.  The final product "Opal (Fresnel Lens) holographic registered printable film" and related series have been widely used in alcohol packaging box with public praise for qualities such as registration tolerance, printable property, and the product stability.

4. The company successfully sponsored The 8th International Symposium of Display Holography in the June of 2009,for the first time to the public,   demonstrated the newest invention "Holographic projection real-time 3D display system". As the first rudiment of holographic television all over the world, this invention was academically eulogized as "The Reinvention of Holography" and gave rise to worldwide attentions and reports ; 《Scientific American》 、《Optics & Photonics News》and European www.optics.org specially wrote reports and comments to this technological highlight, declared "Practical 3D holographic screen debuts: For your viewing pleasure. Chinese scientists unveil a glimpse of the future - and it’s in 3D ". This work has been patented in China, EU, USA, and JP.

5. By means of Holographic Functional Screen combined with small lens array,based on the available commercial plate monitors for 2D display,the company has recently invented HODIS(Hoxel Displayer).It can effectively transfer the visual redundant 2D displayed information to the perfect holographic display identified by human vision. As an important innovation in the area of display technology, this invention is looking forward to its wide applications in human everyday life to satisfying a variety of situations in which the real 3D display is necessary. It is hopeful to initiate a new area of holographic communication for future information technologies under the support of big data platform.

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